October 2018 Newsletter

Happy Halloween, everyone!! United Adoptees of Romania almost has 800 followers on Facebook! If you haven't invited your friends to like UAR's official Facebook page, you should! United Adoptee's of Romania will be starting their official ongoing fundraising site within the next couple of weeks. We will be posting updates on our Facebook page. As... Continue Reading →

September 2018 Newsletter

We’re officially three months in! United Adoptees of Romania has 670 likes on Facebook  – we are reaching so many new people each day! If you haven’t already we highly recommend inviting your friends to like our page on Facebook! We are still working on a permanent fundraising page, but that will be coming very... Continue Reading →

August 2018 Newsletter

Hello everyone!! We can't believe we've already reached our second newsletter! We've had many accomplishments in July; from fundraising to our first interviews - and even an acronym change! If you didn't know United Adoptees of Romania got rid of the "O" in their acronym and is now UAR. We're almost as cool as IHOP!... Continue Reading →

July 2018 Newsletter

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our first newsletter. It's been quite a busy month! Our official website went live on June 9th. We launched our first fundraiser on Facebook, which is running through July. United Adoptees of Romania has reached all over the world and is excited to continue growing. If you are interested... Continue Reading →

November 2018 Newsletter

As the weather gets colder United Adoptees of Romania heats up! (we know, corny). But it’s true! We passed 800-page likes on Facebook! November is National Adoption Month!  United Adoptees of Romania encourages all sides of the adoption triad to participate in constructive adoption discussions on our Facebook page. We have scheduled daily posts that... Continue Reading →

Ways to Find Your Romanian Birth Family

Many Romanian adoptees want to find their birth families, but don't know where to start. Neither did our founder, Viorica Magreta. Luckily she had access to her adoption papers, which had all of the information she needed to find her maternal birth family. However, she didn't have any resources to look to and didn't have... Continue Reading →

Submit Your Story to UAR

Hello everyone! We are so excited that people are showing interest in United Adoptees of Romania! We’ve been working very hard on bringing everything together. We appreciate your patience as well! UAR would like to start the process of telling the stories of those who are adopted abroad and those who adopted a child from... Continue Reading →

Welcome to United Adoptees of Romania!

Hello everyone! Welcome to United Adoptees of Romania’s official website! We are so excited to get this up and running! This has taken a lot of hard work by Archbrook web design and Phoenix Horizon LLC. We are so happy that our official Facebook group, United Adoptees of Romania, continues to thrive and are proud... Continue Reading →

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